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About JDD consultants revision courses for PEB and EQE Intellectual Property exams

For IP professionals with a passion and commitment to tutoring, we have opportunities to share this passion and expertise by becoming a JDD course tutor.

Face-to-face and remote course tutoring

If you are interested in tutoring on our PEB and/or EQE residential or remote (Zoom-based) revision courses, please email with details of:

  • Which course(s) you would like to tutor
  • What relevant professional and tutoring experience you will bring
  • What ideas you have for how you will tutor the course

Our courses are typically 1-2 days long, but will involve pre-course preparation of relevant materials and can involve setting and marking pre-course work (for which you will be paid).

We pay daily rates for tutoring and additional payments in cases where there is substantial preparation of pre-course materials.

Online emoderators

In 2016 we introduced an online Moodle discussion forum for our EQE 2016 and PEB 2016 courses. This provides a medium for students’ pre- and post-course peer-to-peer discussion and support on issues relating to the various exam papers. We are also planning to set up a number of pre- and post-course activities.

To help support and guide discussions, we are looking to recruit a number of emoderators. These positions are likely to suit recently qualified practitioners, with recent experience of taking the exams.

We will have the following emoderator positions: Foundation Certificate papers; FD1; FD2 and 3; FD4; and the EQE.

Emoderators will receive fees.

If you are interested in an emoderator position, please email