PEB revision courses

PEB revision courses

We offer a full set of Foundation Certificate (FC) and Final Diploma (FD) residential and remote (Zoom-based) revision courses for the October 2022 PEB examinations. We are holding these courses in May, June, July and August because the PEB exams are in mid October.

The in person residential courses are in Milton Keynes, at the Kents Hill Park Training Centre. This venue has modern training facilities as well as leisure features, including a swimming pool and gym for delegates to unwind before and after course sessions. The 1.5-2-day day in person courses all include the cost of accommodation and meals (lunch, dinner and breakfast) in the course fee. (If you do not want accommodation, dinner and breakfast, we will discount the course fee by £100+VAT).

Most of our summer 2022 courses will be held in person, but there will be Zoom-based courses for FC2, FC5,l FD1 (four courses) and FD3 (one course).

Foundation Certificate Courses: 28 June – 22 July 2022

Our Foundation Certificate courses have a significant ‘imparting key information’ element. Attendees will be provided with pre-course guidance soon after registering. This includes guidance on work and reading to do before the course, including (in some cases) past questions to attempt. During the course, you will receive material covering key parts of the syllabus and there will be presentations by the tutor(s), discussions, exercises and practice and feedback on past questions. The courses are held in June-July so to enable you to build upon the guidance and materials provided at the courses through further practice of past questions and filling in gaps in your knowledge. The FC1, FC3 and FC4 courses will be held in person and the FC2 and FC5 courses virtually (using Zoom).

Final Diploma Courses: 19-20 May, 21 June – 27 July and 22-26 August 2022

Our Final Diploma courses focus on strategies for tackling each paper and include significant practice of questions, with feedback from the tutor(s). Many of these courses include pre-or post-course work that involves past questions you are asked to submit answers to the tutor(s) for feedback.

There are a good range of options for different length and format courses for each paper: information on each course is set out in its course outline. We also offer the chance to take courses for many of the papers early, in May-July, and the opportunity to take some courses in August, to enable you to spread out your revision workload.

As we recognise that many of those attending FD4 courses are sitting the exam for the first time, we have a 2.5 day split’ FD4 course, on 19 May and 25-26 July and 20 May and 26-27 July. In this course, the tutors will provide a 1-day introduction to FD4 in May, with advice on a structured approach to analysing and tackling this difficult paper. There is then tutor feedback on a past paper attendees are asked to answer after the course. Then, in late July, there are a further 1.5 days of tutoring on key elements of FD4, what earns points in answers, how to produce a good inventive step etc. There is further practice and feedback on a past paper after this second part. The group then meets again in September for a 2-hour Zoom session.

For FD4 (P6) we also have:

  • 2-day courses with three different sets of tutors. The Mercer/Rooney and Allsop/Boxall courses include tutor feedback on a past paper you are asked to answer after the course. The Leppard/Richards course includes individual practice and tailored feedback on past papers attendees practice during the course.
  • 1-day re-sitter courses for those who are taking FD4 (P6) again. These are particularly geared to those who have sat and failed FD4 two-times or more. For those who have failed one time, it is advisable instead to attend one of the 2-day main FD4 courses. The 1-day resitter course includes the chance to have your 2021 script reviewed by the tutor, with personalised guidance on ways to improve your score. This course includes tutor review and feedback on a paper you will be asked to attempt after the course. And it discusses common errors in approaching the exam and sets out a structured approach to maximise your chances of success in 2022. The course fee is reduced by £50+VAT for those who have attended a JDD FD4 or P6 course in earlier years.

Special Offers

For the Foundation Certificate and Final Diploma patent courses there are special discounts for bookings of 5 or more places/courses by a firm and substantial discounts on the cost of accommodation between courses, if you are attending consecutive in person courses. Details are in the course leaflet and on the Foundation Certificate and Final Diploma pages of this website.