EQE Exam and Pre-exam courses

EQE exam and pre-exam revision courses

We offer revision courses for candidates preparing for the March 2021 European Qualifying Examinations (EQE) for Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office. Our suite of Papers A&B, C and D courses in Milton Keynes are being held between 9-13 and 20-21 November 2020. We have a 2 day course for the Pre-Exam on 9-10 November 2020.

Because of the Covid-19 situation, our 6, 9-14, 16-17 and 20-21 November 2020 EQE courses will be held online, using Zoom, rather than in person in Milton Keynes. Course fees have been reduced to adjust for there being no accommodation and meals element, while taking account of increased preparation costs for moving courses online.

If there is demand, we will add a further Zoom-based Paper C course – in early December.

For those who studied for EQE 2020 but were unable to do the exam because it was cancelled (due to Covid-19), we have 1 day Zoom-based refresher courses for Paper C on 6 November and Paper D on 14 November.

All courses are supported by access to our online Moodle discussion and resources forum.

Our courses focus on methods and techniques for exam success, with advice from the tutors and feedback on exam questions you will practice. We have achieved excellent success rates over recent years.

Our courses can be taken on a single or linked modular basis to fit your needs. Our EQE 2021 course leaflet contains a course calendar and more information. You can book online or can book by post using our EQE 2021 booking form.

Our courses for EQE 2021 are listed below

EQE Pre-exam course

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EQE Exam courses – Paper D Law

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EQE Exam courses – Paper C Opposition

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EQE Exam courses – Papers A & B Drafting & Amendment

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Our 6, 9-14 and 20-21 November courses are being run online, using Zoom, this year. If the Paper D 16-17 November course is held in person, accommodation (on 16 November) will be included in the booking fee of £650+vat.

Special offers

We offer a 5% discount for booking of five or more places by a firm. We calculate this discount on a cumulative basis. So there is no need to delay submitting an order, as once your firm’s booking reaches five or more we will apply the discount retrospectively across all bookings made. We also calculate the discount on the basis of numbers booked by the firm overall, not by each of its offices. The 5% discount does not apply in cases where a £140 discount (for Papers A-D) has been applied.
EQE exam revision courses special offer
If a full suite of three courses (Papers A&B, C and D) is booked by a student, the fee will be reduced by £140+VAT on the normal cost.