PEB Final Diploma courses

PEB Final Diploma revision courses

Below are set out the dates and fees for our 2020 revision courses for the PEB Final Diploma exams. The course fee includes tuition, course materials, lunch at the venue and for 1.5 day, 1.8 day and 2 day courses, one night’s accommodation, with dinner and breakfast and use of the leisure facilities at the Training Centre.

Please note that because of the Covid-19 crisis our May, June, July and August courses will be held via Zoom meetings rather than at the training venue in Milton Keynes. Course fees will be reduced to reflect this – to £480+vat for the FD1 courses, £480-£520 for the FD4 courses and £460 for the FD2 and FD3 courses.

The table below sets out the courses for the Final Diploma papers. Course descriptions, which set out the content and approach of each course and include suggestions on pre-course reading, can be read or downloaded by clicking on the link inside each course tab below.

FD1 Advanced IP Law & Practice (P2)

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FD2 Drafting of Specifications (P3)

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FD3 Amendment of Specifications (P4)

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FD4 Infringement & Validity (P6)

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Course fees exclude VAT


Accommodation inclusive courses

The £650+VAT 1.5 day and £680/720+VAT 1.8 day courses include one night’s accommodation, along with meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). If a delegate requires a further night’s accommodation – on the night before or after a course – the additional cost is £95+VAT for dinner, bed and breakfast or £70+VAT for bed and breakfast.
If you do not require the one night’s accommodation, the fee will be reduced by £95.

Lunch inclusive courses

The £380+VAT and £430+VAT one-day courses are without accommodation, but with lunch.

Evening before accommodation

If accommodation is required the night before a course, the additional cost is £95+VAT per night for dinner, bed and breakfast (DBB) or £70+VAT for bed and breakfast.
However, if the delegate has attended an immediately preceding course and is staying on for another course which starts the next morning – as might be the case for 1, 7, 14 and 16 July and 25 August – accommodation (with dinner and breakfast) can be provided at a special rate of £70+VAT.

Special offers and courses

We offer a 5% discount for booking of five or more places by a firm. We calculate this discount on a cumulative basis. So there is no need to delay submitting an order, as once your firm’s booking reaches five or more we will apply the discount retrospectively across all bookings made. We also calculate the discount on the basis of numbers booked by the firm overall, not by each of its offices.

There is a £50+VAT discount – from the £430+VAT normal fee – for those attending this course who have been on a JDD FD4 (P6) course in this or earlier years.

If you send/email your 2019 script to the tutor, he will provide feedback on where you missed marks and can improve.

PEB FD4 introduction training course

The Introduction to FD4 20/P course on 28 May 2020 is designed to boost the effectiveness of those taking FD4 for the first time.

By providing early guidance on how to approach the FD4 paper, students will find themselves better prepared when they attend one of the 1.8 day main FD4 courses in June, July and August.

We recommend that this course is taken with one of the later courses where you will be able to put into practice what you learn on 20/P.