Further EQE Papers A&B and Paper C Zoom-based courses have been added – Paper C on 15-16 November and A&B on 17-18 November 2021

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In response to demand, we have added a further 2-day Zoom-based EQE Papers A&B course 22/E11, with Iain Russell and Guy Warner. It is on Wed-Thur 17-18 November 2021 and the fee is £560+vat.

We have also added a further 1.8-day Zoom-based EQE Paper C course 22/E12, with Chris Mercer and Henrietta Rooney. It is on Mon-Tue 15-16 November 2021 and the fee is £560+vat.

We still have places available on the Zoom-based Paper D course E2 on 8-9 November 2021 and the in-person Pre-exam course 22/E1 on 22-23 November 2021.

Details are set out in our updated leaflet for the e-EQE 2022.