Our courses for EQE 2020: dates announced

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We have agreed dates with our tutors for our courses for EQE 2020 – please see our EQE pages and EQE 2020 courses leaflet. Our suite of Papers A&B, C and D courses are in the week 25-29 November 2019 – you can take, one, two or three courses and there is a special discount if you book the full …

JDD IP exams training courses feedback

JDD analysis of the PEB 2018 exam results

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Pass rates for all candidates taking the Final Diploma (FD) papers in the PEB 2018 exams improved for FD1, FD2 and FD3, but for FD4 fell to a twenty year low. The FD1 pass rate was 70% for those attending JDD FD1 courses in 2018. This compared to a pass rate of 53% for other candidates. And 46% of the other …