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Analysis of the PEB 2017 exam results

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Pass rates for all candidates taking the Final Diploma (FD) papers in the PEB 2017 exams were almost identical to those for 2016. This meant that pass rates for FD1 and FD2 stayed at comparatively low levels.

The FD1 pass rate was 58% for those attending JDD FD1 courses in 2017. This compared to a pass rate of 40% for other candidates. And a third of the other candidates who did pass in 2017 had attended a JDD FD1 course in 2016.

The FD3 pass rate was 68% for those attending JDD FD3 courses in 2017 – as against 52% for other candidates.

The FD4 pass rate for those attending JDD FD4 courses in 2017 was 56% – as against 32% for other candidates. And a quarter of the other candidates who passed FD4 in 2017 had attended a JDD FD4 course in 2016.

For the Foundation Certificate (FC) papers pass rates for all candidates remained high. There was a significant improvement in the pass rate for FC2 (English Law), but a fall in the pass rates for FC4 (D&C) and FC5 (Trade Mark Law). In the case of FC4 (D&C), the pass rates for candidates who attended a JDD FC4 (D&C) course in 2017 was 79% as against 60% for other candidates.

Our Analysis of PEB 2017 results shows that, overall, 228 candidates passed one or more FD paper in PEB 2017. This included 58 who passed two papers, 21 who passed three papers and 11 who passed all four FD papers. More than half of the successful candidates attended one or more JDD course in 2017. As in earlier years, on average, candidates who attended our courses had higher pass rates than those who did not. The differential was particularly large in the cases of FC4, FD1, FD3 and FD4. We would like to congratulate our tutors and, above all, commend the effort put in by the trainees who attended the 2017 courses. And commiserations for those who fell short of the 50% pass mark in 2017 – hopefully you will have success in 2018.