Our May-August courses for the 2022 PEB examinations

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We gave agreed with tutors the dates for our revision courses for the Foundation Certificate (FC) and Final Diploma (FD) papers for the 2022 PEB Exams. A Leaflet PEB 2022 and PEB courses calendar is available.

The FC courses include three in-person (FC1, FC3 and FC4) and two Zoom-based (FC2 and FC5) courses and will be held between 28 June and 16 July. See the FC 2022 courses newsletter

The FD courses include 4 Zoom-based and three in person courses for FD1, three in-person courses for FD2, one Zoom-based and two in-person courses for FD3 and six in-person courses for FD4, plus two in-person FD4 resitter courses. See the FD 2022 courses newsletter

An exciting new element of this year’s courses are the two ‘split’ FD4 courses. In previous years, we have held a 1-day Introduction to FD4 course in late May, for those new to FD4 and seeking initial guidance and practice on FD4. This was then followed by recommended attendance at a later 1.8-day main FD4 course. However, in practice, the 1.8 day courses were attended by some who had been on the Introduction course and some who had not . So not all 1.8 day course attendees were at the same level of preparation. In consultation with the tutors, we have decided to overcome this by holding two integrated 2.5-day courses involving two parts:

– Part 1 in mid-May: a 1-day introduction to FD4 and initial practice session, after which attendees will be asked to attempt a specified past paper, for tutor review.
– Part 2 in late-July: feedback on the paper attempted in June; guidance on and practice of how to analyse an FD4 paper, how to write the answer, what gets marks and what will not, how to get a good inventive step answer down on paper, the advice section etc. This will be followed by practice of another past paper (for tutor review).
– Part 3 in September: the group will meet for a 2-hour Zoom session to discuss the answers to the paper attempted to cover any further points and queries on FD4.

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