Places remaining on PEB and EQE courses

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Below is the current status (as at 15.30hrs on 1 May) of places still available on our courses for the PEB and EQE examinations.

PEB courses

Courses full: 19A; 19B; 19C; 19F; 19G; 19H; 19I; 19J; 19S; 19V.

Courses with 1 place left: 19D; 19E; 19K.

Courses with 2 places left: 19L; 19P.

Courses with 3 places left: 19N; 19Q; 19R.

Courses with over 4 places left: 19M; 19O; 19T; 19U; 19W.

EQE courses

Courses E1, E2, E3, E4 and E 6 have 8 or more places left

Courses E5 and E7 have 3 places left