Extra FC4, FC5, FD2 and FD3 Zoom-based courses have been added in response to demand

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In response to high demand, we have added the following additional Zoom-based courses: FC4 (Design & Copyright Law) with Caroline Marshall and Darren Mitchell, 20/X on 13-14 July 2020; FC5 (Trade Mark Law) with Sharon Daboul, 20/Z on 10-11 July 2020; FD1 (Advanced IP Law & Practice), with Dan Mercer and Gareth Scaddan, 20/Y on 6-7 August 2020; FD2 (Drafting of Specifications), with Iain Russell, 20/ZA on 26-27 August 2020; and FD3 (Amendment of Specifications), with Peter Gray and Mark Yeadon, 20/ZB on 24-25 August 2020.

Along with our other courses in June-July 2020, these courses will not be face-to-face (in Milton Keynes) because of the Covid-19 situation. Instead they will be held using Zoom-meetings. Consequently, as there will not be accommodation and meals costs, the course fees are reduced to £550+VAT for FC4 20/X and FC5 20/Zto £480+VAT for FD1 20/Y; and £460+VAT for FD2 20/ZA and FD3 20/ZB.

Update 5 July 17.00hrs: The FD1 20/Y and FD2 20/ZA courses are now full, but places remain on FC4 20/X, FC5/20Z and FD3 20/ZB.

All our June – August courses are being held using Zoom meetings (rather than face-to-face).