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The COVID-19 crisis and its impact on our courses – how we are responding [an update on 1 August]

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The Patent Examination Board announced on 17 July 2020 that the October 2020 qualifying examinations would go ahead, but would be held online instead of at examination venues.

With the UK Covid-19 alert level at 4 in early June, we decided to hold our June-August 2020 revision courses for PEB 2020 remotely, using Zoom or Microsoft Teams, instead of face-to-face. The courses have been supported pre- and post the Zoom meetings by our Moodle resources and communication forum.

With no accommodation or meals element in the courses, we adjusted fees downwards accordingly. For example, the fees for a £750+vat 2-day course was reduced to £550+vat and a 1.8 day course from £720+vat to £520+vat /£680+vat to £480+vat.

Whether we are able to hold our November 2020 revision courses for EQE 2021 face-to-face (or will need to use Zoom) will depend on how the Covid-10 situation develops in the UK in August to early September.