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The COVID-19 crisis and its impact on our courses – how we are responding [1 February 2021 update]

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Because of the Covid-19 situation, we held all our 2020 courses remotely, using Zoom or Microsoft Teams, instead of in person in Milton Keynes.

In February 2021, the Covid-19 situation in the UK remains very challenging. But, with vaccination gathering pace and the potential for transmission rates to drop significantly during the summer, it seems feasible that we may be able to hold some of our July-August 2021 revision courses for the PEB 2021 exams in person in Milton Keynes. The training venue will have in place Covid-19 protocols.

Currently, we plan to hold around a third of our revision courses in person (in Milton Keynes) and the other two-thirds of the courses remotely, using Zoom or MS Teams. This is indicated on the course pages and in the course programme/leaflet.

All courses are supported pre- and post the Zoom/MS Teams or in person meetings by our Moodle resources and communication forum.

For the Zoom/MS Teams courses, fees have been adjusted downwards as there will be no accommodation or meals (at venue) costs, which form part of the in person course fees.

We will monitor the Covid-19 situation as the spring and early summer develops to see if more courses might be held in person or if the planned in person courses may need to be held remotely.