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The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic – how we are responding

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The trajectory of the Covid-19 crisis is uncertain and we are continuously monitoring the situation. We are exploring contingency arrangements to deal with the risk that the UK epidemic is not under control and that strict social distancing arrangements remain in place between late May and August 2020, when our face-to-face PEB revision courses are to be held.

Already EQE 2020 has been cancelled and it will be some time before it is known whether it will be rescheduled to a date later in 2020. Once a new date is set by the EPO, we will announce a package of refresher support for those who attended our November-December 2019 courses.

The UK PEB examinations are scheduled for October 2020 and the EQE 2021 for March 2021. We are planning our courses accordingly.

One contingency we are considering for the summer 2020 PEB courses, particularly the early courses between late May and early July, is to use web-conferencing/meetings for part of the courses if face-to-face courses are not possible because of the Covid-19 situation. In such cases, we would distribute course materials electronically ahead of the course date, hold a web-conference/meeting on the course date and, ahead and after the course date, use also the Moodle Forum and podcasts.

For the two-day courses, it may make sense to hold Day 1 of the course (on one of the programmed days) using web-conferencing/meetings and then later hold Day 2 as a face-to-face follow-up and practical course, in August-September – if the Covid-19 situation permits. This would ensure the practical element of the courses, involving instant tutor feedback on questions being practised, remains strong.

We will provide further updates as the Covid-19 situation develops.