Enhancing the learning experience – the JDD Moodle forum is now live

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21 March 2016 update!  ‘The project’ is live: we have now launched at www.jddcourses.com our online Moodle discussion forum and resource sharing facility to support and enhance the learning experience of JDD’s face-to-face residential revision courses.

Academic research has shown online discussion forums to be a particularly effective technology enhanced learning tool as part of a blended learning experience. Used well, they can promote dialogue, reflection and deepen the learning experience. And they can provide peer support to build a sense of belonging to a community of learning. They can be particularly effective for the EQE and PEB exams, as trainees are competing against the exam and its absolute pass mark, rather than against each other.

We have launched the Moodle forum for our PEB 2016 and EQE 2017 courses. It will be used for:

  • Pre- and post-course activities and sharing useful materials for the papers and courses.
  • Bringing together course members to share their study experiences, raise questions on issues they are finding challenging and provide comments, feedback and peer support
  • Course tutors and emoderators to provide guidance and support.

As the forum develops, we envisage it will include blogs, wikis, FAQs, podcasts and quizzes to further enrich the learning experience. And we will encourage course members to use Twitter (with suggested hashtags) to share links and feedback.